December 12, 2011

Let's Face It

Jon Stewart is not funny. Jon Stewart has never been funny. He is a shallow placeholder for someone who is supposedly funny.

He is snide. Yes, we all like snide. He recites his writers' jokes with a deft touch. Yes, we all like that, too. He labours to the conventional wisdom, or should I say the liberal conventions, with the perspicacity a plowmule would envy. We actually don't all like that, but it is not unexpected.

The sad fact is, when Stewart is plucked from his womb of protection, he is actually a bitter, snarping little fuckhead. Which is not to say he does not occasionally score a point. But, hell, we all score points. The most retarded amongst us scores an occasional hit. Except for Al Franken.

But the point obtains: Jon Stewart is simply not funny. He delivers his Mercury's pouch of bromides to a self-selected audience, and pulls a muscle slapping himself upon the shoulderblade while that self-selected audience hoots and guffaws.

It's really pitiable. Context: Jon Stewart thinks he is a comedian. He couldn't carry Harvey Korman's jockstrap.

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