August 16, 2004

I Smell Trouble...

And it's name is Blogtoberfest! Yea, verily, what better way to wile away a weekend than in the North Georgia mountains with fellow cretins?

After some bandying about with Acidman and Straight White Guy I could see this thing was devolving upon me for a gameplan. Because they've already partied together, and could give a shit, to be frank.

I always was a Do Bee, not a Don't Bee, though, so after some thought on a situs I arrived at: Oktobfest, Helen, Georgia. I figure if you're going to meet up with some bloggers no better place than one that actually encourages spree drinking, spontaneous guitar-playing, and has some modicum of indulgence for public urination, within reason.

For those unfamiliar with Helen, it was a sleepy mountain hamlet in need of a tourist hook in the sixties, and remade itself into an Alpine Village. They have the best Oktoberfest in the Western Hemisphere. A genuine beer hall, a babbling brook through the center of town, oompah bands, bratwurst, a great scene. Combined with proximity to Anna Ruby Falls, Brasstown Bald, etc, etc, all during leaf season.

And how, my Intrepids may ask, did you find accommodations at this late date?

Well, kiddies, there's the rub. What I have is 7 rooms at the Comfort Inn the nights of the 15th and 16th of Oktober. That's a Friday and Saturday for you girls from Attapulgus. Oktoberfest starts the 16th, by the way, so we would also be Trailblazers. I'll pass out merit badges.

The Comfort is on Eidelweiss, which is a 10 minute walk from the Alpine Village, 15 if you take into account watering the roses, so to speak, and fistfights.

That's my Fail-Safe. I'm looking for a faux-castle or faux-chalet venue, or something, in the meanwhiles, but I do have rooms secured. I figure I can accommodate The Bride and four other females, maybe five, in my room. The rest of you can sort yourselves out. The best I could do was $143 per, on AAA, for what that's worth. I mention that as a full-disclosure impresario.

So that is the nascent start of it. Leaf-speckled mountains with some civilization at hand, plenty of shopping in oh-too-cute boutiques, for those so inclined, conspicuous drinking required (by me).

Who's in?

Did I mention we can go shooting in the woods? Hell, they let you stockpile corpses in the woods up there, iffen you have a mortician's license, or run a crematorium. Pistol popping is considered damned near effete.

Posted by Velociman at August 16, 2004 9:37 PM

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